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Blog for Drug Treatment Centers Newburgh

These are the Stages of Withdrawal

The stages of withdrawal will vary depending on the individual, drug of choice, and length of time using...   When a person has become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, it's likely they will experience nasty withdrawal symptoms if usage stops abruptly. Yet withdrawal isn't just a singu... Read More

Ecstasy Statistics: A Dangerous "Club" Drug

Read some ecstasy statistics and maybe you'll think twice before taking this drug...   Ecstasy, also known as "Molly," "E," and "X," is a popular drug of abuse among young adults. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that 17 million Americans had abused ecstasy at some poi... Read More

How to Deal with an Alcoholic

Familiarizing Yourself with How to Deal with an Alcoholic...   Understanding how to deal with an alcoholic is tricky. Every person is different so you should approach each situation appropriately. If you want help dealing with alcoholic parent, Drug Treatment Centers Newburgh can help you revi... Read More

Adderall Abuse: What You Need to Know

Learn more about Adderall abuse and determine whether or not it's time to seek treatment options and centers....   This prescription drug has a high risk for addiction, especially when used for recreational and non-medical purposes. It is a Schedule II controlled substance due to its strong po... Read More

Newburgh's Programs for Drug Addicts

Programs for Drug Addicts in NewBurgh NY (845) 245-2395...   In desperate need for help? Newburgh's programs for drug addicts are the solution you've been looking for...   Suffering from an addiction can have devastating consequences. It can ruin relationships, careers and even e... Read More

Physical Pain Addiction

Physical Pain Addiction in NewBurgh NY (845) 245-2395...   The scars after fighting physical pain addiction. You are not alone....   Suffering from an addiction has numerous implications, both emotionally and physically. When dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, a person w... Read More

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction in NewBurgh NY (845) 245-2395...   The impact of cocaine addiction on the public health system and individuals as a whole, continues to be a major concern and cause for study. Some studies explore the triggers and effects of cocaine addiction while others delve into ... Read More

Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Long Term Effects of Alcohol in NewBurgh NY (845) 245-2395...   Despite its social acceptance and prevalent use, alcohol consumption can have significant, long term effects. While it is true that not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic, if you want to avoid the long term effects o... Read More

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