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How to Deal with an Alcoholic

Familiarizing Yourself with How to Deal with an Alcoholic

Understanding how to deal with an alcoholic is tricky. Every person is different so you should approach each situation appropriately. If you want help dealing with alcoholic parent, Drug Treatment Centers Newburgh can help you review treatment options that are available. They can be reached at 845-245-2395. Alcoholism tears families apart and ruins lives. Remember, though, that alcohol is a legal substance in the United States. Just because something is legal does not make it safe or ok to abuse.

How to Deal with an Alcoholic

  1. You need to understand that you cannot save the alcoholic. Their only hope is to realize that they have a problem. There is no reasoning with the person because you cannot change this. It can be painful but you need to understand that addicts are masters of manipulation. This person may use your love against you.

Your loved one may, for example, call to ask for money to get out of jail.

Bailing the addict out of incarceration will only serve as a "padded consequence." When this happens, the addict does not get to experience the full consequences of their habit.

  1. Enabling is common among family members when there is an alcoholic among them. If you want to know how to deal with an alcoholic, do not lend them money under any circumstances (unless, of course, you need to save their life). It will only serve to extend their addiction. There is always one family member or friend who will continue to enable the individual because they feel sorry for them or simply cannot say "no."

The reality is that they will spend the money on alcohol and/or other drugs. Even if they are being genuine and need the money to pay a car payment – you will only be "padding the consequences" for them. If they have to experience getting their care repossessed, maybe they will come to terms with the severity of their problem.

  1. Do not tell this individual what to do or not to do. It will go in one ear and out the other, so to speak. You should not preach or get off on a tangent – it is fruitless.
  2. Dealing with an alcoholic parent can be especially difficult because of the very nature of the relationship. You are not responsible for their addiction so do not blame yourself for their problems. There is nothing you can do in this situation except let it play out.
  3. Offering to take your loved one to an AA meeting is good advice for how to deal with an alcoholic. There is a reason that AA has been around for so many years. Many alcoholics maintain their sobriety thanks to the fellowship. If the addicted individual sits in on one of these meeting, they may change their mind about getting help.
  4. When trying to figure out how to deal with alcoholism, one must not buy into what the addict is promising. Instead, you should keep an eye on what they do. Note that alcoholic withdrawals can be dangerous and can begin just a couple hours after the last drink. Make sure the person does not stop drinking abruptly but that they taper off or see a physician (or check into a detox center).
  5. If you consider how to deal with alcoholism, you must remember that empowerment is important. Empower yourself by attending open AA meetings so that you can better understand the disease. Sometimes alcoholism can be "contagious" to those close to them. Codependency and frustration are common feelings in a family dealing with an alcoholic among them.

If you need help finding a treatment center for a family member, Drug Treatment Centers Newburgh can help. Call them at 845-245-2395 to review treatment options.





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