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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Treatment for addiction may necessitate a drug or alcohol detox procedure to remove toxins from the body. Drug and alcohol detox can cause problematic withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be fatal. When it comes to eliminating chemical substances from the body, the safest option is through a closely, medically-monitored procedure. For this reason, detox centers in Newburgh, provide ongoing assessment and oversight for all patients that need to go through the drug or alcohol detox process.

What is Detox

Drug or alcohol detox refers to the cessation of the habitual consumption of these substances to provide the body with relief from toxic overload. Chronic substance abuse overrides the immune system and the body's ability to repair itself. It also causes the development of high tolerance levels, which typically result in an increase in the amount of drugs or alcohol required to satisfy cravings. Habitual consumption of high doses of drugs and alcohol eventually alter the normal functions of the brain which leads to physical dependence and addiction.

When drug or alcohol use stops abruptly, the central nervous system undergoes a series of changes, some of which can be extremely destabilizing to the normal functions of the body. During the detox phase, the body may react violently to what it has perceived is necessary to its survival. This is why detoxing alone can be very dangerous.

The Detoxification Process

The medical professionals that work at these detox centers, conduct an initial evaluation of each patient to determine their physical and psychological status. This treatment profile helps to determine the best detox method for the client, and the preparatory steps necessary to intercept any medical emergencies that may occur.

Once the detox process begins, board-certified medical professionals provide around the clock medical oversight. They continually assess the patient as the process evolves, and make adjustments as necessary to minimize any opportunity for health risks, as well as to alleviate any undue suffering caused by withdrawal symptoms. The severity of symptoms is based on any number of variables, some of which may be unique to the patient. For instance, some patients may be addicted to multiple substances. Combined with the patient's mental and physical condition, this may complicate the detoxification process. In some instances, medication is administered for the safety and wellbeing of the patient. These decisions are made by experienced, qualified detox specialists.

One of the most successful detox options involves gradually tapering the dosage of the substance of abuse so that toxins can slowly, rather than rapidly dissipate from the body. The symptoms and duration of detoxification vary from one individual to the next. People experience withdrawal in different degrees and intensities. While detoxifying, clients may also begin the psychological and emotional healing process by starting individual or group counseling. This is beneficial for the client because emotional and mental stress commonly increases, along with the physical discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, which creates the temptation to relapse.

Help for Recovery

Although many rehabilitation facilities require that patients undergo detoxification before entering recovery counseling, detox centers and rehab facilities in Newburgh, assist individuals through the entire rehabilitation process. A clinical staff will guide patients every step of the way. The goal to make sure that you safely stop substance abuse and learn how to maintain your sobriety.


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