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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction in NewBurgh NY (845) 245-2395

The impact of cocaine addiction on the public health system and individuals as a whole, continues to be a major concern and cause for study. Some studies explore the triggers and effects of cocaine addiction while others delve into the perceived crime related activities that cocaine addiction allegedly cause. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) vigilance to these studies help to address public health issues linked to cocaine addiction as well as provide effective strategies to treat this relapsing disease.

One of the major tenets of any cocaine addiction treatment program is helping those that are trapped in the cycles of addiction to move beyond obsessive and compulsive drug use. Patients who are able to gain insight into the complexities of addition and understand why even the most morally inclined people fall prey are better able to empathize with themselves and others in the struggle. Self-hate is a component of addiction that force some addicted individuals to withdraw from loved ones and indulge in patterns of behavior that perpetuate substance abuse.

In Newburgh, law makers implement community training programs that equip potential bystanders and emergency responders with the tools they need to save lives. Understanding the signs of cocaine addiction from the onset can also help friends and family to address the issue before it becomes a life-threatening conditions.

Early Signs of Addiction

Although most cocaine addicts are secretive about their use of this drug, early indicators of abuse includes:

  • An increasing need for isolation.
  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Shedding old friends for new people who use drugs
  • Depletion in funds or frequent requests or need for money

Reasons for Cocaine Abuse

Although everyone's path to cocaine addiction may vary, the following are common predictors of susceptibility to cocaine use and abuse:

  1. Genetic makeup or a predisposition to addiction may contribute to repeated use of cocaine.
  2. Frequent exposure to environments with accessibility to cocaine and where cocaine use occurs.
  3. People with a bent toward people pleasing or to follow the crowd.
  4. A cocaine user in the home is often the precursor to cocaine use by other members of the family.
  5. Individual struggling with high levels of stress or a mental disorder

The addictive nature of cocaine is probably the primary reason addiction to this drug is so prevalent. People who are encouraged by friends to try cocaine often enjoy the euphoric effects and participate in repeated causal use of the drug. With repeated use, however, tolerance levels can quickly build and turn recreational use into dependence. The habitual use of cocaine inevitably alters neurological functions in the brain that lead to addiction.

If you have become a regular recreational user of cocaine it may be time to seek help to prevent cocaine addiction.

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