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Addiction treatment is designed to rehabilitate those whose lives have been affected by substance abuse. At addiction treatment centers in the Newburgh area, patients are offered guidance, support and medical treatment based on their individual needs. Recovery from drug addiction requires skill, compassion, experience and training on the part of the medical professionals, as well as the commitment from the patient in order to be successful. These centers can provide the expertise, but you need to have the desire to become sober and drug free. This desire and determination is a prerequisite to full and sustained recovery.


The process of rehabilitation begins with a careful biomedical and psychological evaluation of the patient. This assessment is designed to help the specialized treatment team accurately diagnose the patient's condition beyond the visible signs of addiction. It also facilitates the development of a customized treatment program, that is comprehensive in nature and integrative in approach.

In some cases, underlying issues are identified such as trauma or a mental illness. These co-occurring disorders may have contributed to the addiction, and therefore, must be treated simultaneously with the addiction.


Clients admitted to these drug rehab treatment centers are typically required, based on the nature of their addiction, to participate in a detox process. This entails the removal of toxic chemicals from the body. It is a carefully monitored procedure performed by board-certified physicians and nurses that are able to administer emergency treatment if withdrawal symptoms present a health risk. Withdrawal symptoms can be unpredictable. They can range from mild to severe and escalate in severity, rapidly. As such, medical oversight is the most important aspect of the detox process.

Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal include body tremors, vomiting, irritability, nausea, insomnia, headaches, depression, sweating, anxiety and loss of appetite.

Recovery and Support

Alcohol and drug counseling is an integral part of the recovery process. This takes the form of individual counseling sessions, as well as group and family therapy. Through group therapy, clients learn that they are not alone, and receive guidance for dealing with common recovery problems. Sometimes, the same support group will be available outside of the treatment facility to help when relapse threatens.

Clients learn relapse prevention skills that becomes essential when they return to life outside of rehab. During life as an addict, the habit of using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate away cravings and emotional disturbance is learned. During and after treatment, cognitive behavior therapy helps to retrain the mind to assimilate new coping skills and habits that do not include the use of a chemical substance. Although sober living does not remove the stresses and emotional turbulence of daily life, mental stability and abstinence from drug and alcohol consumption is beneficial in handling issues with clarity and wisdom.

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