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Drug addiction poses an obstacle to living a normal life. Overcoming this challenge without professional addiction recovery assistance is beyond the scope of most do-it-yourself rehabilitation schemes. The fact is addiction recovery works for those who want to save their lives and are committed to staying sober. No matter how good a treatment center may be or how qualified the staff or effective the treatment processes, overcoming addiction begins and ends with you. The end result depends on your commitment to the entire rehab process and full engagement in recovery maintenance.

Addiction Treatment

A rehab facility's mission is to provide the medical oversight, education and administration of treatment process to accelerate positive change in the life of those seeking recovery. Addiction recovery demands high quality services and persistent effort. These centers provide evidenced-based treatment modalities and board-certified clinical administrators to give you the best chance for recovery. To further enhance rehabilitation, they customize a comprehensive program that integrates multidisciplinary remedial processes. Then, educate, counsel and prepare you to resume everyday life through relapse prevention techniques, aftercare programs and accessible ongoing support.

Making a Change

The decision to change is the first step in overcoming addiction. Although a scary premise for many, change is happening to you whether you would embrace it or not. If you do not decide to seek help for your addiction, no doubt addiction will continue to change your circumstances from bad to worst. When you choose to seek recovery, you make the decision to halt the bad changes and turn them in to good, better and best. When drug addiction forges your change, it is often a permanent and often irreversible one.

Since recovery is an ongoing process of getting better and stronger, it may necessitate some hard to make changes after rehab. These may include changing your living environment, relinquishing friendships that encourage addiction and changing your daily routines to include attending regular support meetings, and keeping in touch with people who can facilitate your new drug free lifestyle.

Treatment Options

Since every individual has their own unique set of circumstances and personal diagnosis that may go beyond addiction, finding the right program can help ease the path to sobriety.

Options for treatment offered by drug treatment centers in Newburgh include:

  • Intensive outpatient rehab: provides help for patients who cannot stop their daily lives while receiving treatment. Many addicts have jobs and families they are responsible for, so this type of rehab allows them to receive the same benefits as other patients while still earning a living and caring for their loved ones. They routinely visit the center and attend therapy sessions throughout the week.
  • Residential rehab: requires living at the rehab facility for a period of 30 to 90 days to participate in an intense treatment program focused exclusively on recovery. Studies show this treatment option to be the most effective in maintaining long term sobriety.

Despite the complexities associated with addiction recovery, it can change your life for the better.

We can help you find the right treatment facility and rehab program that best suits your needs. Call Addiction Recovery Centers Newburgh today at (845) 245-2395.

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